Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Our return policy is a "Money Back If Not Delighted" with your purchase guarantee. When returning merchandise to us, please follow these easy steps below:

1.  Fill out the return form located on the reverse side of the packing list that accompanied your merchandise.

If you cannot locate the original packing slip, email service@freshfinds.com and request that a return slip be emailed to you. If you do not have email access just include a note with:
     a. Your name and address
     b. The items being returned
     c. The reason for the return

2.  Tell us if you want your money back or a replacement of the same item - tell us the new size, color or other details we may need.

3.  Place the item to be returned, original packing material and any shipping papers in the original shipping carton.  If the original shipping carton is no longer available a different box is acceptable.   

4.  Return merchandise by regular Parcel Post to the address below:

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to put your ORDER NUMBER after "Return Dept." on the mailing address. If the ORDER NUMBER is not part of the mailing address your package will be refused and returned to you.

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