Dish Rack & Drip Tray

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Amber / Bronze (F7716)

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Stainless / Clear (F7717)

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Who says a dish rack can’t look good, too? This full-size dish rack holds 15 dishes and a load of utensils in its built-in cutlery holder. The separate drip tray is completely waterproof and won’t leak. It is stylishly designed in your choice of two décor-enhancing colors. 17"W x 5"H x 13½"D.


Based on 15 reviews
Sep 17, 2016
This is really nice. I ordered the clear. Nice, modern look.
This takes up very little space on my countertop and looks very attractive.
Sep 17, 2016
returned. hope you got it too big to sink in sink
did not want it to sit on my counter. it was returned to you and I hope I get reimbersed on my credit card
Aug 15, 2016
Dish Tray
too small and for the price I paid expected better quality rack is almost all plastic
Aug 11, 2016
I would buy this product for my best friend
product usage dish drain love it
May 05, 2016
worse dish rack ever!
I liked the appearance of the product-it is exactly how pictured in the catalog. this item is overpriced, it is too small-it will only hold 11 or so items and the utensil container will only hold about 13 or so utensils. it is poorly designed as the glass holders are leaned toward the outside of the drainage tray thus causing the excess water to drip onto the counter. the drainage tray does not have a lip to allow the water build up to drain into the sink.
Apr 30, 2016
What do you mean?
It is as expected -- not to big - not to small - just right - well made - attractive for a dish rack
Apr 28, 2016
Very nice but not functional
This was a very attractive color and matched my kitchen granite counter. However, it was not functional at all. There was no drainage hole for the water that accumulates from wet dishes and the silverware cup, which is not removable, it's all one piece. Also, the outside section that holds beverage glasses is so short and can only accommodate a small juice glass about 3 to 4 inches in height. Otherwise the glass falls off. Needless to say I returned this for a refund and was very disappointed.
Apr 06, 2016
The product is very useful for what it is intended for. It's just the right size for our use.
Mar 25, 2016
Better than anything I ever old one leaked all over my counter..had to hang it over my sink and even that didn't work..I love how this holds the water in it..all pros no cons on this dish strainer..It was a little pricey..but worth ever dollar
Mar 21, 2016
This is a One Piece Rack
This rack was exactly what I wanted in style and durability, however I wanted to use it in my sink and was not able to because the tray was attached to the rack. Excellent idea for sink top users but not for me to use in my sink.
Feb 03, 2016
Not what I expected
The dish rack is smaller than expected.
Feb 01, 2016
To drain and air-dry washed dishes. I like that it is attractive on the counter when not in use.
Mar 21, 2014
I ordered the bronze dish drainer, and it is truly lovely and very stylish. I was worried that water stains would cloud the clear bronze dish tray, but so far, so good. Yes, if you hang cups on the exterior hooks, the water does go onto the counter, but I encounter this problem on any drainer with an attached tray, so I was not discouraged. (I DO like the ability to hang cups--my last drainer had no hangers.) As for size, that was no problem either--maybe because we are a family of two and do not have a lot of dishes to do. This purchase was a winner for me, and I recommend it highly.
Jan 23, 2014
Nice looking but not perfect
This looks much cleaner than my old one (I got the clear/stainless option); its color or lack thereof makes it much less obtrusive on the counter. However I do wish it were a tad bigger overall; I would not call it a "full-size" dish rack. It needs to be taller to hold many big pots and pans. The water collects in the little indentations in the tray that the rack sits in instead of easily rolling off into the sink. As another reviewer said, plates go through the spaces and sit on the tray instead of staying high and dry. I like the looks of it and can't be bothered to return it but I think I may get tired of it soon and go hunt for the old tried and true brand- you all know the one: where the rack is "maid" with rubber feet. If you have a real small counter space, though, this would probably be perfect.
Oct 25, 2013
Very attractive, but design flaws
Clear/stainless looks SO much better than my old plastic one. BUT: (1) drip tray is not larger than the rack, so anything hanging over the side drips all over the counter (2)items fall out of the four corner openings (3) the plate support openings are so wide that most size plates sit down in the drip tray (in the water that has dripped off the dishes). I kept it anyway, cuz we just remodeled our kitchen and it is a better looking option than most. I make it work.
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