(C8148) Hard Water Wand™

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Get rid of stubborn hard water toilet, tub, sink and tile stains for good! Simply wet this unique pumice stone wand to gently remove tough, set-in rust, calcium, lime and hard water stains that other expensive chemicals can’t even touch. Works great on porcelain or ceramic. Includes hook for hanging. Comfortable grip handle; 12"-long.

"I am on a well and my toilets always looked dirty and I tried every trick in the book to get rid of the water ring. Nothing worked until I got this product and I am happy to say my toilets look great." -Customer in Connecticut


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May 19, 2017
It didnt work
it didnt work
Apr 14, 2017
Sep 21, 2016
Need a pumice tool to fit in a cordless drill for heavy BOWL WORK
Aug 23, 2016
This did not work as advertised.
This did not work as advertised and was falling apart on use. I would not recommend this.
Mar 12, 2016
It is a good product one has to work very hard to get toilet
I already said it is difficult to get bowl clean but one can get it clean.
Dec 26, 2015
Hard Water Wand
Not flexible enough ---ford where the water swooshes down
Dec 18, 2015
Does the job!
Cleans as promised
Dec 04, 2015
Waste of money
Doesn't work.
Nov 16, 2015
We liked it so much we ordered another one
This was the only thing that cleaned our toilet bowls...
Nov 02, 2015
Waste of money
The item does not clean as well as the ones I buy without the handle. The handle is a good idea but the pumice stick that is on it does not really clean. Doesn't appear to be the same kind of pumice.
Aug 31, 2015
This product is a joke.
The hard water stain just rubs the pumice stone off into the water. Nothing changes about the stain! I returned it, but have heard nothing about a refund after paying to send it back.
Jul 08, 2015
Definitely Recommend
I had a hard water ring in my quest bathroom toilet and no longer is it there due to this great product. Only con is it wears down quickly, but would definitely repurchase when this one is gone.
Jul 02, 2015
Does the job
The abrasive part of the product makes it easier to clean the toilet.
Jun 25, 2015
Bad angles
The surface angle is not conducive to cleaning the toilet surface or around the drain in the tub.
Jun 07, 2015
Did not work - waste of money
Product did not work as advertised. Waste of money.
May 04, 2015
It is too large to fit in the particular configuration
It is too large to fit into the configuration of the European style toilet, so is totally ineffective.
Apr 19, 2015
Great HEEL SCRUB! Porcelain, NOT so much
Terrible on my porcelain. Made no difference at all. For FEET, ITS THE BOMB! Great handle length & sturdy grip!
Apr 18, 2015
Does the job easy
Mar 06, 2015
Works Great ! No More Rings!!
Saved me from having to buy new toilets!
Jan 02, 2015
Product did not produce results promised
Product used on 6 residence toilets and failed to remove hard water stains on any. Pumice also wears down quickly when pressure applied. Waste of money.
Dec 30, 2014
Not worth the plastic it's packaged in!
i really had such high hopes for this product but the design is completely faulty for the intended use. the shape of the stone and the handle do not fit into the creases and curves of the toilet and therefore render it basically useless. the only purpose that it served was to motivate me to get out my sponge scrubber and soft scrub and use good ole elbow grease. Unfortunately this is just another gimmick and useless clutter.
Dec 10, 2014
Was Expecting More!
For me this product didn't work that well . . . was expecting so much more!
Nov 09, 2014
This is the best!
Did the job quickly & easily
Nov 04, 2014
very good working wand!
I used this wand to help remove hard water stains in the toilets. It worked very well, but will take a few more times to rid the ring in the bowls. However, I am pleased with the way it helped so far and will continue using it.
Oct 24, 2014
works well, wears down fast
I cleaned three toilets with the pumice stone, but then the angle of wear prohibited much more use.
May 02, 2014
Toilet Ring Stains Gone
Used on three toilets to get hard water stains out- worked with little effort- it didn't mar the porcelain. I bought 2- one to use for toilets and one for sinks and tubs. Worked well on the one sink that was badly stained- we have very hard well water- and even with Rainsoft system installed, our toilets always had a ring- now they don't :) Handle a bit clumsy but switching the angle you hold it will help with that.
Apr 18, 2014
Kinda works
With a good deal of scrubbing, it did remove some of the hard water stains, but the design makes it awkward to do it in any controlled way; ie., you're poking around and not erasing the stain from side to side or up/down consistently. Having said that, it did do some of the work. Ended up with streaks of white and stain. I eventually got out an old pumice stone and finished the job more quickly.
Feb 01, 2014
Works with lots of scrubbing
I tried everything to get hard water stains out of the 3 toilets in the house I purchased. It had been sitting empty for a year. I've been in home now 5 years and have tried every product. This DOES work; however, it takes a LOT of scrubbing. Also I scrubbed so hard the stone broke off the wand. It was easier to scrub with after it broke off. The angle of the wand is difficult to use.
Jan 11, 2014
Great Product
I am on a well and my toilets always looked dirty and I tried every trick in the book to get rid of the water ring..nothing worked until I got this product and I am happy to say my toilet's look great
Dec 24, 2013
This actually worked!
Took out six year old rust/hard water stains! Did not abraid the porcelain toilet bowl. Had to scrub really hard for quite a while to get stains out, but did work eventually and I had tried many other products first over the years. I would recommend this product to others.
Dec 14, 2013
not as advertised
I saw no difference in the rust stains on my toilet bowl and I scrubbed and scrubbed. Also the handle and angle of the tool is very hard to use.
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