(F5906) Folding Tapestry Footrest

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Adjustable footrest delivers custom comfort! Foam-filled cushion helps you take a load off, elevating tired legs and feet while you relax. Adjusts to 14"-high then folds fl at for storage. Handsome tapestry-covered cushion with a sturdy walnut wood frame. Smooth-glide locking casters. 12"-Sq. x 14"H, extended; 6½"H when collapsed.

"I needed something to rest my foot and this footrest is just perfect. Because of the colorful design it goes perfect in my living room. I love it!!" -Customer in Texas


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Jul 07, 2017
it was a gift for my mom and she really likes it.
Am very pleased with the product
May 31, 2017
It is convenient that it folds down and slides under my chai
Small enough to use and yet be put away when not in use. Suitable for my small space.
May 01, 2017
Love it ! It is very well made, perfect height!
Very well made, and comfortable too! Love the tapestry but doesn't go with our color scheme so will reupholster it. The two heights are great!
Apr 06, 2017
it's okay.
Apr 06, 2017
Not what I thought it would be
when I put the wheels on, the side pieces of wood came off.
Apr 02, 2017
Perfect for what I needed - I like it!
I use it as a small footstool where I rest my feet while watching television.
Mar 12, 2017
Good size, Neutral color tapestry
For a low chair the foot rest should have an in between level height.
Feb 06, 2017
Great footrest for the price!
Just what I wanted for the den. The fact that this can be used at floor level, and also raised, made it my choice for a foot stool.
Oct 27, 2016
Nice Look
Oct 21, 2016
Works to elevate feet for better circulation
Easily assembled. A little difficult to place supports in notches for use.
Oct 06, 2016
Functional and Versatility of Use
Aug 12, 2016
Foot stool is perfect for my needs
As someone who suffers from mild edema in my ankles and legs, my doctor prefers that I keep my feet elevated when sitting. With this foot stool I can raise them a little or a lot, depending on my need and then stow the stool away under a chair when I'm not using it. Nicely padded for comfort and very attractive in my living room.
Jul 17, 2016
Originally arrived with broken wheels; to their credit, customer service sent new ones immediately following my complaint. Description in catalog and online fails to include "some assembly required" -- drilled holes failed to match to wheel bases. Cushion on mine is 1.25 inches, a full .75 inches of that is solid, likely another piece of wood. This doesn't compare to the LUSH cushion shown. Previous reviews validate my opinion, going back to JANUARY 2014. Apparently, company has no regard for quality...or in this case, lack thereof. Sadly, I could not post this review without any stars, so was forced to give one.
Jul 16, 2016
To Small and Short!
I had to Return this item because of Small Size and height.
Jul 13, 2016
Cute footrest
Though this is a cute footrest and the concept is good the quality is lacking. The wheels had misaligned holes and we had to redo them. The supports are ok but the 'catch' for the supports aren't very deep and they can spill out. It also seems to be made of pine so not very durable. Since I'm not rough on my things I will keep it and make do.
Jun 17, 2016
I purchased two and love them. My husband and I can use them or not when we want. Nice to be able to put them down when not being used to make the room look bigger. Nice design and goes well with any decor.
Jun 12, 2016
A good buy
Bought as an extra, occasional use footstool in area where I would want to push it under a chair or move out of the way when done. Works well, but when extended to full height is not meant to be pushed by your feet or to rest feet on edges because it will tip. When putting down the extensions, need to be careful. Can catch your fingers. But, overall, am happy with purchase. It is attractive and fits my use.
May 27, 2016
I Love This Footrest
I needed something to rest my foot and this footrest is just perfect. Because of the colorful design it goes perfect in my living room. I love it!!
May 15, 2016
Very HARD to get together
I am 88 years old and I find most things today are too, too hard fro me. I was sorry I picked this stool.. It was very hard to put together --screw holes did not seem to line up./ Maybe it is my age --but it was a difficult thing for me to put together and to use.
May 11, 2016
A well-designed footrest
This filled our requirement for a small lightweight footrest.
Apr 11, 2016
excellent quality
My friend has leg and feet issues. She lives in a lovely little cottage. This footrest was perfect for her needed leg elevation. It easily folds down and slides under her living room chair when not in use. She loves it!
Mar 20, 2016
Just what I was looking for
I was looking for a footstool for kneeling purposes. I basically you it as a prayer stool/bench. I keep it near my bed since it is so high the footstool/bench is perfect for kneeling for those much needed prayers.
Mar 06, 2016
A hot mess
Poor quality.
Dec 23, 2015
folding tapestry footrest
I like having the choice between feet flat on the floor or elevated. The surface is soft and comfortable
Dec 18, 2015
Bought it as a gift for Christrmas, it looks great
Giving it as a gift.
Dec 14, 2015
Space saver
Excelent for appartments
Dec 14, 2015
I would buy this product again and again
After shopping,and standing too long helps me to relax my legs and benefits my circulations.
Nov 18, 2015
Good with a few minor adjustments
The legs that raise the platform should have some way of locking so that they don't get bumped and crash down. Otherwise, it is very useful.
Oct 25, 2015
Good for my use. Not for heavy duty.
Comfortable for my chair.
Oct 11, 2015
Can't think of one
I didn't have any delivery problems. I misplaced the bag with the screws for the legs. My son didn't get to put them on for me last week as he ran out of time but is coming up Sunday to fix them for me. My cat has found the material very attractive and thinks it's a great scratching post so I had to spray it to keep him away. Looking forward to finally using it.
Oct 02, 2015
Not stable
Not always stable--collapses easily.
Oct 02, 2015
Too delicate to really use as a footrest. It fell apart after the 4th or 5th use.
Sep 21, 2015
Aug 20, 2015
cute and handy
I have replaced a large foot stool in my living room with this smaller stool, and I really like it. The screw holes didn't line up with the wheel bases so it was difficult to assemble.
Aug 07, 2015
Exactly What I Needed
I needed a small stool to put my foot up while I was working on my laptop. But I needed space - so a foldaway stool was perfect.
Aug 07, 2015
Too fragile for me.
As noted above, this footrest is a good=looking piece, but is not sturdy enough for me. Service -- delivery, etc. were fine.
Jul 05, 2015
Nice accessory
Just as described. Service and delivery as promised.
Jul 01, 2015
poor workmanship,cheap
bad quality,hope company has better products.
Jun 30, 2015
Great Footrest
I use this footrest in my sewing room when I do my reading in the evening. It is just the right height and is easy to move up and down. It is a comfortable height for my glider/rocker.
Jun 25, 2015
Poor consruction
The holes in the frame to not line up with the holes in the castors. My husband had to drill new holes I the frame and buy screws to fit the holes.
Jun 15, 2015
Great little footrest.
It is a good product. It would have been nice if it had been a little bigger. Overall, pleased with the product.
Jun 12, 2015
not sturdy suport peg pops out
Apr 17, 2015
Just what I needed......
My feet have a tendency to swell from time to time, this allows me to elevate my feet to a 6 inch elevation or 12 inch elevation whichever is more comfortable at the time. Very well made, inexpensive solution, as well as attractive in my family room decor.
Jan 04, 2015
oerfect gift
great gift for elderly friends and the price is terrific.
Dec 06, 2014
Great for personl use or to give as a gi
Great item for me to use at my daughter's house. I was very pleased with the look and function.
Oct 28, 2014
Just Right!
Use the stool at its lowest...just a little lift is exactly what I was looking for...our home is small and I can roll it under the coffee table when not in use. Our cat loves to sit on it, too!
Sep 25, 2014
Fell apart
The wood cracked and it fell apart the second time we put our feet on it. I'm sending it back. I saw another review but thought it might be an anomaly. Don't purchase this unless you don't mind going through the hassle of a return.
Aug 11, 2014
Tapestry Footrest
Prop feet up under computer table, can be hidden under couch, moves easely.
May 20, 2014
Apr 01, 2014
Not sturdy but it is functional!
The footrest is very attractive but is not very sturdy.
Jan 25, 2014
Small Footrest
I thought this foot rest was so cute and small enough to fit under my chair and I liked the fabric. However, I should have listened to other reviews. It wasn't tall enough for my chair, but most importantly it's way too flimsy. I'd be afraid to use it. One wrong move and it would slip out of the notches used to hold it up. I was going to return it but the postage was about half of the cost of the stool so I'm keeping it -- for what I don't know. May give it away.
Jan 21, 2014
cheap construction but convenient
I need a footrest under my kitchen/breakfast table. With wheels, it is too high for a short person, so I did not assemble them with the foot rest. When elevated, it tends to collapse easily if one slightly moves it around. The tapestry fabric is not so attractive (I would prefer a solid color and a softer fabric or cushion). The design is OK.
Jun 15, 2013
Small and Delightful
These pretty, little stools look very nice partially tucked underneath 2 black Jacobean arm chairs. Just the zip of style I needed. I just slide them out and back with my feet. The assembly is easy and even fun. Would prefer a slightly rounded cushioned part instead of flat.
Apr 07, 2012
A Freshfinds Treasure!
After reading a bad review, somewhere, about this product, I was hesitant to order it. But I like to make up my own mind! And since I wanted it, I took a chance and placed my order. And I'm so glad I did! This little footrest is functional and beautiful. All I had to do was attach the wheels, lift it, relax and put my feet up. Wonderfully relaxing for the legs! I've also used it to double as a mini TV tray. And if I'm resting on my couch, I pull it up and place my reading material and glasses on its soft surface. I find, when in the folded position, little children love to sit on it. The tapestry design is colorful and attractive. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
Feb 28, 2012
Cute but not worth money
The tapestry is pretty and the cushioning is sufficient but the very first time I used it to prop my feet, it fell to pieces - literally. I am 5'7" and weigh 150 lbs. but I don't think my weight was an issue. Just poor construction.
Feb 26, 2012
easy to assemble
I have an injury w/my right foot that needs to be elevated and the stool is the correct height & easy to put up & down when in use. delivery was right to the door.
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