(F5889) Light Flurries™

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Dec 08, 2013
big disappointment
I was very disappointed in this product. In the catalog it looks as though snow flakes are falling in front of the house. When it was installed it looked like snowballs falling down. To me it is not attractive. I told husband to return it. Great concept idea needs a lot more work.
Dec 23, 2012
Great effect!
I wish the lights that showed on the house were smaller, but all in all it was a great effect, that is until someone else liked it and stole it. There needs to be a way to secure it to the ground so it isn't such a sitting duck out there in the yard! I came on here to get another one to try to figure out how to secure it and now it isn't availabel. It is just a disco ball, but I liked my disco ball!
Dec 04, 2012
Doesn't Work
Purchased this exact unit from another retailer. Looking online now to see reviews since I am so displeased with my purchase...thinking I did something wrong or have it assembled incorrectly. Junk. Creates a disco effect that looks wonderful on the ground around the machine, but casts huge spheres on the house. Better for Halloween! Ghosts! So disappointed.
Oct 27, 2011
Didn't work for me
We have a street light in front of our house, therefore we couldn't see the snow from the street, could only see it on the patio.
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