Bug Repellant Spray - 648850
Bug Repellant Spray - 648850

Bug Repellant Spray

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$9.95 – $14.95

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Keep ticks, ants, spiders away…the natural way! Each repellent is made from a mix of plant oils specially formulated to deter pests without toxic chemicals. Peppermint-scented spider/ant repellent works indoors and out.  Simply spray around doorways, windows and basements. Citrus-scented tick repellent works on both humans and dogs, preventing ticks from latching. Just spray on skin or fur and let dry.

NEW #1380377 Ant & Spider Repellent Spray (8 fl oz.) $14.95;

#1380376 Tick Repellent Spray (4 fl oz.) $9.95

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