Campbell Posture Cane™

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The Campbell Posture Cane will make you feel better balanced, safer and more secure and comfortable when you walk. It helps you easily get up and out of chairs. The revolutionary handle causes you to walk upright and change your line of sight so you look forward instead of down. It also takes the pressure off your shoulder and wrist. Cane features standup stability tip with 360° traction and 10 height adjustments (40" - 49"H). The Traction Cane Tip (4-1/4" dia. x 3"H) is a multi-use all-around stability tip. The Rocker Cane Tip (4" dia. x 3"H) is for more rapid walking. Each fits the Campbell posture cane or most standard canes. 

Detailed Product Specifications

Posture Cane
3-1/2"W x 37" to 46"L

Traction Cane Tip
4-1/4" dia. x 3"H

Rocker Cane Tip
4" dia. x 3"H

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