Carpet Shampooer - F7636
Carpet Shampooer - F7636
Carpet Shampooer - F7636

Carpet Shampooer



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7637 - Item: Shampoo Refill

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Clean your own carpets with this cordless shampooer! Lightweight unit uses no electricity or batteries—just fill with water and add the included carpet shampoo. A trigger on handle releases foam to the 2 brush heads to clean and lift dirt and stains as you go. Once foam has dried, simply vacuum carpet! 31½"H x 9½"W. 

Rejuvenate Your Carpets with this Cordless Carpet Shampooer: 

Stained carpets are an eyesore. That coffee stain from last winter. The dirt-stained rug by the front door. The food stains surrounding the dinner table. You wish there was a quick and easy way to remove stains without getting on your hands and knees with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. 

Well, now there is! With this simple and effective cordless Carpet Shampooer from Fresh Finds, you can remove a variety of carpet stains in no time. 

Lightweight, Easy to Maneuver 

This incredible Carpet Shampooer uses no electricity or batteries and is light enough for you to carry throughout the home, so that you can clean all of your carpets including the ones covering the stairs and whole-room carpeting. Whether you need a smarter carpet cleaning option for a precious area rug you want to maintain or you need an everyday solution for your often dirt-covered entryway, this Carpet Shampooer is the solution. 

Just Add Water, Shampoo, and Go! 

Not only is this Carpet Shampooer easy enough for anyone to use, but it also comes with carpet shampoo. And you can order refills any time through Fresh Finds. 
  • Large Storage Tank: Lets you clean multiple areas in one go. 
  • Handle Trigger: Releases foam at the push of a button. 
  • Two Brush Heads: Lift dirt and stains as you move. 
  • Vacuum to Finish: When foam dries, vacuum to remove excess dirt. 
   One of the simplest Carpet Shampooers on the market, you’ll love the 
        ease of use and stain fighting powers when you order yours. 

Order a Carpet Shampooer Today 

Cleaner carpets are just a few clicks away! Order yourself a Carpet Shampooer from Fresh Finds today and see how so many customers are cleaning their carpets easier than they ever thought was possible.

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