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Egglettes™ let you make hard-boiled eggs without the shell!

Just crack raw eggs into these egg-shaped silicone pods, place in boiling water for a few minutes, and pop out your perfectly cooked egg!

Eggs will be perfectly cooked every time, with no messy shells to peel!

Makes hard-and soft-boiled eggs, and mini-omelet’s, too.

Set of 4 non-stick pods

Dishwasher safe

Each pod is 3¾"H x 2"D




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    Not a Success

    Did not like the result.

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    I thought the red pods were cute and creative, but there was information left out that would have made using the red pods successful. I tried them once and the result was a disaster. The eggs were cooked, but not pretty looking at all, sort of upside down the way they turned out. I have never made deviled eggs before and I failed terribly using egglettes. There should have been instructions on which way you put the eggs in the pods but there wasn't. I had hoped I would be able to fix deviled eggs for company now but that did not happen so I cannot give a good review. Your idea was good but you should have given more instructions on how to have good looking deviled eggs

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