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This “smart” handbag thwarts thieves and pick-pockets alike! Cross-body, antitheft handbag takes on-the-go security to a whole new level! It has a locking main compartment that includes plenty of pockets and RFID slots to organize protected credit cards, keys and more, plus an interior zippered pocket. Features include a removable LED light, two magnetic-snap closure flap pockets, a rear zip-close pocket and a locking, tamper-proof front zippered compartment. And for added peace of mind—the shoulder strap is cut-proof. Made of rugged nylon. 10"W x 11½"L x 4½"D.

"I love this purse. I had a different one before but this one is so much more room and its built better. I won't be getting any other from now on. It has many pockets, have to get used to it but working on that."  - Customer in Kenosha, WI


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Apr 18, 2017
nice travel bag
I have not had a chance to use this bag but I believe I will like it for traveling
Aug 25, 2016
Just What I Wanted
I love this's lightweight, roomy and does exactly what it's advertised to do..provide security when I'm out and about.
Aug 17, 2016
Love this bag.
Love this bag. Ideal for travel with RFID, lots of pockets.
Jun 30, 2016
Strong and works well cross body.
It's all good. Sturdy Strong
Jun 06, 2016
Stress relief bag for travel or home.
It is great for hands free carry and safety. It needs to be bigger so that I carry my tablet in it easy.
Mar 27, 2016
Poor design on the outside strap
Used travelling in foreign countries. The locked compartments are great. Purse is too deep, everything "sinks" to the bottom. Spent lots of time "fishing" in the main pocket because of the purse being too deep.I absolutely hated the strap - it's unwieldy and constantly needed to be adjusted.
Feb 11, 2016
Cross mY heart we love it!
Bought this for my mother who walks with a walker. It hangs nicely across her body and she doesn;t worry about someone getting her purse when she is grocery shopping. it also makes it much easier for her to take her purse and now I don't have to carry hers and mine.
Jan 07, 2016
Anti-theft handbag
This would be a wonderful bag if it were at least 2 inches bigger all around. I have trouble getting my wallet to fit in the main pocket.
Jan 02, 2016
Handbag meets lots of travel needs
In spite of wonderful safety and practicality points, I returned the bag bc it is too flat to hold all needed travel items.
Dec 23, 2015
7153 Anti-theft handbag
Its To Small, Needs To Be Bigger.
Nov 25, 2015
Best handbag I ever bought or made myself!
It is not unwieldily. It stays on my shoulder wether in the car or wherever I'm going. Doesn't have to sit on the floor or on a chair when dining. It's always with me! Exceptionally easy to organize items, such as medicines, note paper, pencils, pens, wallet large or small and credit cards.
Nov 11, 2015
Great Product
The protection for credit cards is ideal. You don't have to buy an additional product to protect them. Outside pockets handy. Purse opens wide for easy access. Comfortable and secure feeling on shoulder. Only purse I now use!
Nov 08, 2015
Great features
Loved the fact I can use it safely as a shoulder bag. Great place for charge cards and the lock features are great.
Nov 02, 2015
Disappointed in this purchase
Used it on a recent vacation. It doesn't hold enough, and the opening is not big enough. I struggle to get items in and out of this purse.
Oct 30, 2015
Met immediate need
Opening of handbag was difficult
Oct 29, 2015
Nice purse
Loved the purse but felt that it was too narrow. It was a little difficult in getting stuff in and out of purse
Oct 23, 2015
Love this purse
Purse: use it everyday and i love it
Oct 05, 2015
Like this purse but a little too small and cramped for me.
I like the magnetic pockets on the outside. It's comfortable over the shoulder carrying, but Too limited capacity and no expansion ability
Sep 19, 2015
Great investment..
I felt very secure while traveling in Europe, with all the uncertainty and warnings of pick picketers.
Sep 16, 2015
not big enough for my things
If I knew this was going to be so involved I would not have started. Didn't not suit me.
Aug 23, 2015
I was impressed!!!
As always finding the correct packet to put your items can be a pain. This was easy and very suitable for different items that ladies always carry. I plan to purchase a different color soon.
Aug 16, 2015
I love my anti-theft handbag.
The anti-theft handbag is very well made and durable. I already gave my catalog for a friend who also loved my new bag.
Aug 10, 2015
Very practical but smaller than I am used to.
I like all the features this purse has for travel- Keys are always handy, zippers lock, slash proof straps. Had to buy a new money holder, as my wallet held too many cc's and was too heavy. No longer can carry checkbook, but I don't really need to. The whole purse is so much lighter to carry.
Aug 09, 2015
Great travel bag
Comfortable to wear cross over shoulder area for trip to Europe. Let's you have your hands free but you still feel secure with special safety strap. Plenty of pockets and zippered compartments.
Jul 01, 2015
Regret buying this handbag.
It maybe a good anti theft handbag but not enough room to hold things like sun glasses or eye glass case.
Jun 21, 2015
Great for travel security & keeping both hands free. Wish it had the cell ph pocket.
Jun 05, 2015
Excellent design and quality
My husband is a clever man for choosing this gift for me
May 02, 2015
Great product love the zippers on two of the compartments
I travel a lot and I feel alot better since the stap that goes over the shoulder can't be cut and no one can steal numbers from your credit cards. The locks on the main and side zippers is a great idea. Have showed my friends and family.
Mar 08, 2015
Awesome bag
Thank you for such a great product!
Mar 07, 2015
Anti Theft Handbag
I purchased the purse for travel security. It is too narrow to allow items of necessity thus inconvenient. Difficult to reach money and some other items. Like the color, security and over the shoulder strap.
Dec 02, 2014
Great travel bag
I bought this purse for a vacation in a city. With inside compartments I felt like things were safely concealed. outside pockets provide easy access to cell phone, camera or ipod.
Nov 16, 2014
It was a recomended item & I agree as we
due to hand surgery,unable to unzip purse but this one I can put around neck,shoulder.easier to use. it's also a safety item.
Nov 04, 2014
Love it!!!
Just the right size and feels light wearing it on my shoulder. Holds quite a bit of items inside. Love all the different pockets.
Oct 23, 2014
Love this bag.
Bought this for my trip to Ireland and it is compact yet big enough for all I needed to bring. I feel safe with the hooks to lock the zippers and the cord in the handle that no one should be able to cut. Love it.
Apr 25, 2014
Have searched for this for years
Since I'm considered a senior citizen I needed a purse that I would feel secure with when shopping alone. The anti-theft features were what I saw first and I prefer a purse with credit card slots and a pocket for my cell phone. I wish the main section opened a little wider but that's not really a big deal for me. I'll be ordering another one in black before Fall arrives.
Apr 08, 2014
Not 4" deep
Appears to be a good product BUT the 4-1/2 inches deep it WRONG. It is a flat purse so I will not be able to use it as I put 2 diapers and a baby change of clothes in it. Product description should be changed to reflect this actual depth.
Feb 20, 2014
love it
I love this purse. I had a different one before but this one is so much more room and its built better. I won't be getting any other from now on. It has many pockets, have to get used to it but working on that.
Feb 06, 2013
Anti-thift bag
Love this purse feel safe with RFID would be hard for someone to get in if you have it on. wear over head on shoulder. attractive place for everything. main parts of purse has a lock on it no key but takes me awhile to open so know that it is very safe as long as you are using. opens up wide the main part of purse has lock on that one also.I bought 2 black and purple want to get the brown one also. light weight. Thanks DAC
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