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10X / 1X Mirror (11 in. H) (E5957)

  • $24.95 each

15X / 1X Mirror (14½ in. H) (F5958)

  • $39.95 each
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These standing magnifying mirrors ensure you don’t miss a thing! From tweezing to applying makeup to inserting contacts, these free-standing, two-sided mirrors make all your grooming tasks easier. Distortion-free magnifying glass provides clear, crisp, true views. Fully adjustable—they spin 360º so you can see from any angle. The 10X/1X mirror (6" diameter) has a nickel finish; the 15X/1X mirror (7" diameter) has a brushed nickel finish.

"I am visually impaired and I can once again put on my own makeup. It is wonderful." -Customer in Delaware



Based on 19 reviews
Sep 02, 2016
I would buy this product again
Use for close up, putting on makeup. Kind of hard to adjust the magnification up close.
May 17, 2016
I would buy again
the item serve my needs 100%
May 05, 2016
Good Magnification
Again, if it were lighted, it would be one outstanding makeup mirror. I have to use my 10X lighted mirror when the sun is not out.
Mar 04, 2016
Love the look...easy to rotate...magnification is clear
Perfect for putting on makeup
Jan 31, 2016
I am a Senior Citizen, and my eyesight is not what it used to be. I can use this mirror hands-free, and that is another big help.
Jan 29, 2016
great mirror
great mirror
Jan 17, 2016
I love it and price was right
I was having trouble with my old mirror getting older I couldnt see very well.most mirrors go to 10 this one is 15x and it was better priced I saw them for $59-$69 even $99
Dec 19, 2015
An every day need ...
I'm loving my mirror ... I've been wanting that same mirror for a long time and I enjoy it's benefits every day ...
Nov 14, 2015
Simply LOVE this item! Had a lighted, larger one, but could'nt replace light, very bulky, and it was a nuisance in general.
Nov 13, 2015
I would buy again
I use it daily in my bathroom window for better lighting
Sep 20, 2015
Great Mirror with the right magnification
The Mirror has the right magnification. Great Mirror, I would be lost without it to put on my make-up. Very easy to clean.
Aug 21, 2015
I Can See Again!
I am visually impaired and I can once again put on my own makeup. It is wonderful.
Nov 01, 2014
Definitely an excellent buy!!!
I can see minute flaws in my complexion with this mirror. Putting on makeup is a breeze now. Tweezing my eyebrows is simple with this mirror. Absolutely worth the money.
Jul 09, 2014
I love this mirror!
I had smaller 15X mirrors, but too hard to see with my old eyes. Love that it reverses to 1X. Just took it to France & England & it survived the airlines when surrounded by soft clothing in suitcase. In some hotels there were no mirrors that worked for applying makeup, etc. I am very happy with it and would buy it again & again.
Apr 02, 2014
I like this very much!
Only time will tell. As it gets older and used more often, will it hold up?
Mar 11, 2014
Great product
I need 2 hands to pluck my eyebrows. This is great for that.
Mar 04, 2014
Very Happy with Mirror!!!
Product quality is well worth the price. Beautiful and easy to use
Dec 16, 2013
Very satisfied with quality
This mirror was the best I could find. Although it is large, the distortion is minimal. Great for appling eye liner, mascara and make-up. You can find a variety of 15X magnification mirrors for a lot less money, but the quality of this one is the best. I suggest you use it with good lighting, since it is not a lighted mirror.
Jul 10, 2012
15X Mirror
the magnifying mirror is distortion free. You see things that the regular mirror doesn't show.
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5957 10X / 1X Mirror (11 in. H) In Stock
5958 15X / 1X Mirror (14½ in. H) In Stock

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